Vedant Sangit announces Certification in Mergers and Acquisitions


    Mergers and acquisitions are common in the business arena. So, a new entrepreneur should gain knowledge on these topics. In the same way, working professionals looking for some useful courses that will help them improve in their profession can take up the certificate course in Mergers and Acquisitions offered by Riskpro Advisors.

    This course on M & A has been created to provide a detailed idea of the merger and acquisition activities across the world. The course that was launched in Riskpro Advisors on the 19th of December 2019 pays attention to case studies concerning these two concepts. The program has been designed with 8 varied case studies.

    The team at Riskpro Advisors offers this program to the learners through the educational institutions with the eLearning platform as announced by the Director of the company Mr Vedant Sangit on the date of launching this program.

    Initially, the course will provide a basic understanding of the different terms used in merger modelling in addition to discussing different merger case studies. The participants will also understand how the merger deal would be funded.

    Through this course, the learners will understand the different expenses like purchase price allocation, advisory fees, financing expenses that would be arrived at particular to the deal. The theoretical part of these two concepts will be taught and key concepts related to mergers and acquisitions will be discussed through some real-life examples to ensure easy understanding.

    Also, students will go through a detailed merger model, where they will be taught how to create an assumption sheet and how to calculate the purchase cost. The purchase price allocation expenses, advisory fees, financing expenses and everything will be discussed to help participants gain a better understanding of these two concepts that are essential in the business arena. The topics covered will be:

    • Corporate Restructuring
    • Establishing M & A Unit in-house
    • Concept of value and valuations in M & A
    • Successful strategies of acquisitions
    • Integration and Challenges
    • Introduction to M & A Certification
    • Merger &Acquisition Case Studies

    Also, in the end, there will be a final examination.