Table Tennis Guide for Beginners


    Just like in any sport, it takes time to master the technique and learning to execute them confidently in table tennis. There are ten different strokes that any beginner in the table tennis should know.

    Table Tennis Strokes

    There are 10 table tennis strokes that the beginners should understand. These are the 10 commandments or the ten fundamental shots that any table tennis player will play in his game.

    • Forehand drive technique
    • Backhand topspin close to the table
    • Forehand push and backhand push
    • Forehand flick
    • Backhand flick
    • Backhand loop the underspin ball
    • Forehand attack the semi-long ball
    • Learn Forehand fast serve
    • Forehand pendulum serve
    • Backhand sidespin serve

    Once you learn these strokes, the next thing to do is the follow the best practices which helps you to be a good player. There is a difference in successful player and a good player. Good player is the one who enjoys the game whereas successful player is the one who plays to win over the opponent.

    Table Tennis Techniques

    If you are starting out on the sport, these fundamental tips may come helpful to you:

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    Find a partner to practice

    The best way is to develop your game is to find a partner to practice. Sure, practicing in the walls helps, but you cannot improve your strategy-making skill out of it.

    Practice different ball spinning techniques

    Ball spinning is the trick many professionals rely on when it comes to tricking their opponents. When you learn to play initially, you will spent hours hitting the ball one-bounce on the wall. You could do different kinds of practice. A warm-up of 30 minutes with all the basic strokes such as counter-hits and top-spins on both sides. Pushes and placement of those pushes. Then you could combine to play one fore-hand and one back-hand. Just be as creative as possible.

    To get the feel of the ball on your racket and to get the control, you need to practice and practice. You will and you should commit mistakes. People will point it out and you may feel extremely out of sorts. But that’s the signal that you will turn the corner eventually.

    Strengthen your legs

    Leg power comes instrumental in improving your agility which, in turn, helps you improve your game. Do leg exercises such as frog jumps and squat walks to strengthen your legs. Footwork is key to making progress and sustaining excellence in TT. Players must learn to move to the ball, rather than reach for the ball.

    Watch and Improve

    The more duration of table-tennis you watch, the more you will feel compelled to try it out at the table. You need not understand tactics and everything initially, you just have to watch and mirror them on the table.
    Additionally, one of the best ways to improve your anticipation skills to play with different people. When you play with different people, you get to understand the varieties of techniques and strategies other players use.