Stock Market Fraud Detection Initiatives

Stock Markets across the world are evolving with the advent of the technology. Many of the stock markets have started their training divisions. National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is world’s 11th largest stock exchange with more than $2 trillion market capitalization.   

NSE has its subsidiary in the name of NSE Academy which works on offering the training, education and certification programs to the  students across the world. NSE Academy has forged certain partnerships with the different companies across the country and it is one of the only exchanges in the world which offers the program to tackle the stock market frauds. This program is termed as Certified Forensic Accounting Professional. NSE is one of the most active stock exchanges in the world in terms of imparting education.

Forensic accounting is one of the most important subject, given the size and nature of frauds. Forensic Accounting is an analysis of a financial evidences that are used in court proceedings. This program offered by the NSE Academy equips the students on the subject of stock market related frauds, insider trading issues and transaction frauds.

It elaborates the definition and fraud related provisions mentioned in the Companies Act 2013.

In this course, you learn about the application of accounting methods helpful in detecting financial crimes and frauds. It is done to investigate asset Misappropriation, falsification of financial statement, and corruption which may include bribery, extortion, bid rigging, FCPA compliance etc.

It requires expertise in both accounting and technology. It is important for an finance professional to learn forensic accounting to have a in-depth understanding of what all frauds can be carried out in the business you are working in and what should be your response to tackle the evidence. After completion of studying the course material assessment test is conducted by the NSE Academy and those scoring more than 75% are awarded the Certified Forensic Accounting Professional degree.