Why is it important to pay taxes?


A tax is an obligatory money related charge or some other kind of toll forced upon a citizen by a government association so as to support different public expenditures. An inability to pay, alongside avoidance or resistance from tax assessment, is a punishable act. Taxes are usually paid monthly, quarterly or annually. Taxes have existed since the ancient times and will forever continue to exist. Payment of tax is usually seen as a burden; however, we don’t have any option. We have to pay taxes on time to avoid the punishment. Taxes play a huge role in development of an economy and in progress of humanity.

It is every individual’s civic duty to pay taxes. It is compulsory by the law to pay taxes.  Failure in payment of taxes will have an individual or a company face severe consequences and punishment which includes a huge fine or imprisonment.

The money that people pay in taxes is utilised in different places. This money is used to support the government workers, police, firemen and also for paying their salaries. The tax money helps in construction and maintenance of roads and bridges and other civic properties. Public libraries and parks also get funded because of these taxes. They also fund many government schools and programs which educate the children whose families cannot afford the education. Each year everyone has to pay their taxes. Taxes are used to fund the social welfare programs. The needy and poor people benefit out of it. The tax money is also used to set up various health services which offer medical help to the poor people and street animals.

It is impossible for the government to sustain without taxes. This money is used to fund government programs due to which the government stays alive. A nation requires a good government body to function properly. Hence, we need to pay taxes regularly for establishing a strong government body. Tax laws are prepared keeping in mind the hardships of every taxpayer. A strong tax framework needs to be established to reduce the people who avoid paying taxes. Paying taxes also makes people better citizens. Tax evasion is unlawful, however, there are different legal complicated rules which help people in reducing the taxes. People should show their responsibility towards government and their nation and pay taxes on time. The taxes should not be paid with a mindset of avoiding trouble (although this is important), but it should be paid for the well being of the nation and the progress of economy.