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Extended Vacation is Enhanced Vocation


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Currently most students in India will have extended vacation thanks to Corona Scare. We are near mid-april and looks like new Academic year will commence only  after 4-5 months (depending upon course). Many courses have either postponed examinations or permitted students to pass and enroll in next grade. All this means most students will have extended vacation.  Great leaders always convert a crisis/calamity into an Opportunity and time has come for all homebound students to use this break for a meaningful cause.  If time is invested properly by students and parents outcome can be phenomenal with a long term impact.  Each student depending upon course type and aptitude can use this break for learning new things and acquiring minimum 2 livelihood skills. I have no time is not an excuse anymore.

First on my list for Boys and Girls is Cooking. You have a great teacher at home (Mother/Grandmother). Take advantage and learn some recipe’s. This skill will come to your rescue on many occasions in future. Sometimes as a cost saver (if posted out) and for some can become a career (part time/full time).

Second on my list is Soft Skills. Learn a new language . (English/Spanish/French/Japanese/German). It takes around 2000 hours to learn a new language. You can participate for certification later , but investing time for learning a new language will become a lifelong investment for future career. If possible learn from a teacher or join a class. There are many good Online options also. No harm in trying them.

Why not Enhance Livelihood skills ?. Skills like Driving, Digital Gadget maintenance, Debating, Theatre workshop, Vehicle maintenance can make a long term impact on your future . Depending on your aptitude and branch of education also acquire a certification in real life domain e.g .,Commerce students should learn tricks of GST filing working in a small business.

Another area one needs to look seriously is Live Work experience. There are many small/micro to medium businesses around you. Approach the owner and become an Intern (with or without stipend). Business can be anything.  If possible be part of Customer interaction. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is most sought after domain in all businesses. Your 3 month 4 hour a day internship with experience certificate can enhance your CV(Bio data) immensely.

In Western countries after 16 , every student believes in ‘Learn while your Earn” and that process forces them to become Self Reliant and Business/Profession oriented. It is a universal fact independent of financial position of parents. No job is small in this context. Daughter of a former USA president was once seen working as a Waitress in a Pizza chain.

In fact time has come for formal education system to allot some credits to summer vacations and positive enhancements in learner’s skill/personality profile should be given outcome based credit points. Even parents should be asking students about Personality Development plans in summer instead of treating it like a No action Bench period.

Pune city is blessed with large number of start ups and small businesses and all these are “Skill Development and Learning Centers” who will surely welcome if  students (Interns) approach them with a clear goal of learning business processes while contributing some meaningful value to their business as well.


Dr. Deepak Shikarpur
Dr. Deepak Shikarpurhttp://www.deepakshikarpur.com
Deepak Shikarpur is the Director of Kinetic Communications Limited.


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