Chiliz Announce Socios Pass to facilitate return of fans to stadiums,


Chiliz (Binance: $CHZ), leaders in blockchain-based fan engagement and creators of fan voting & rewards app, today announce their plans for Socios Pass – an ID & immunity verification tool that will allow fans to return to stadiums and watch live games more safely and securely.

While COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the globe, many leading health experts believe that immunity certificates or ‘passports’ issued by health authorities are needed in order to allow individuals to fully return to ‘normal life’. This is especially the case for attendance at large scale public gatherings, such as football matches.

When sporting action returns the expectation is that it will be behind closed doors. While larger clubs will receive an initial boost from TV revenues, sport, in general, will continue to bear the heavy financial consequences of lost revenues from ticket sales and sponsorship.  Socios Pass will use blockchain technology and QR codes to allow fans holding proof of immunity to return to stadiums, protecting the long-term economic future of sporting entities and allowing fans to watch their beloved teams.

Chiliz are already working with partners including FC Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Atlético de Madrid, Galatasaray, AS Roma and CA Independiente to find fan engagement solutions in the absence of live matches.  Early responses from the clubs to longer-term solutions to overcome the problems caused by COVID-19, including Socios Pass, have so far been positive.

Socios Pass User Journey:

  • An individual receives a digital immunity certificate from their local health authority
  • They then create a free account, connecting their identity and proof of immunity documentation into their profile, where it is verified by KYC specialists
  • Once their Pass is verified, the individual is free to go and watch their favourite team play again
  • The user arrives at the stadium with their app open, and shows a secure one-time use QR code which serves as their ID & health status verification
  • The steward/agent at the stadium scans the user’s Socios Pass in seconds, using their profile photo to confirm their identity
  • The user is then free to enter the stadium and watch the match

Stewards/agents at the gates to the stadium of each participating club will be provided with a secure 1-click application capable of scanning the QR codes generated by Socios Pass. This will allow  clubs to quickly and efficiently read data provided by health authorities while simultaneously confirming fan identity.

This technology will be provided free of charge to all clubs who apply to use the Socios Pass initiative. Furthermore, no fan health data or information relating to immunity status will be ‘held’ by  Instead it will be retrieved & read by an independent blockchain only when users open their Socios Pass to be scanned.

In addition to QR code scanning, Pass holders will also be able to use their debit card to provide proof of immunity/ID information via an NFC scan. Pass also has potential for use as a pre-ticketing filter, where a valid QR code would have to be scanned online proving ID/immunity prior to purchasing tickets for matches, therefore reducing the chances of fans being turned away at the gates.

Chiliz, who are headquartered in Malta, are making plans to pilot Pass to help the local community in order to provide a boost to SME and aid the recovery from the impact caused by COVID-19.