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Saad Maniar is considered to be one of the Best Dubai CA, he is the Senior Partner of Crowe in Middle east and handles the operations from Dubai International Financial Center.

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“The thing about being a Senior Partner at Crowe is that there is no typical day, each day brings up new challenges and variety in the job that needs to be done”.
Saad Maniar, one of the leading Chartered Accountants in the Middle east spoke to Mohit Kumar. Saad is the Senior partner of Crowe, which is one of the biggest accounting firms in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE.

Typically, I could be at the office whole day reviewing project files with my team, or out of the office meeting new potential business partners, or attending board meetings or conferences. It’s just about prioritization and planning. You really make your own schedule, so time management is important!

Saad Maniar explained his journey of 20 + years post qualification in simple words. It is quite inspiring to listen to his words.

It was a chance encounter in 1996 with Helen Brand at a careers fair in Mumbai, the future chief executive of ACCA but then its head of corporate development, that set me on course for the rest of my career.

I was very impressed with the way she presented ACCA. I was very keen that time to go overseas and get experience in the great city of London. Having worked for couple of small accountancy firms in London until, a year after qualifying, I moved to Dubai where I was appointed an auditor with a Crowe legacy firm in UAE. Since then It has been 20 years and have always been the way forward.

Journey as Dubai CA

In 20 years of experience as professional leading the eighth largest accounting firm in the world, he believes in traditional indian values. He elaborates his role models

It has to be my father, who taught me to be a leader and be true and fair in everything I do. On a professional front, I am always inspired and humbled by the wisdom and professionalism of Dr. Khalid, who is the Founder and Group Managing Partner of Crowe MAK. He is my mentor and someone I can always seek guidance from.

When Mohit asked Saad, what inspires you the most, Saad explains

Challenges inspire me the most. My belief is that with every problem there is a solution. I take a journey through the creative side of my brain to come up with the best possible solution. I love what I do and that keeps me going. Me along with my team approach each day knowing that I will make a difference in someone’s life and bring happiness to them”.

Degree in accounting opened the doors of opportunity for Saad, but in his young age he decided not to pursue CA or CPA. Saad did a degree in chemistry before he went on to become a chartered accountant. It could have saved minimum 5 years for him.

I wish that google existed to allow information gathering for right decision making that would have brought more focus early in my career.

The beauty of Life is that it is full of memories, both big and small and one can’t measure them through any scale. My life Alhamdulillah is blessed with many memorable experiences. I was elected as Chairman of ACCA Members Advisory Committee in the UAE.

Biggest Dubai CA firm

A person goes through several milestones in his life and each serving a greater purpose, such as graduating college, getting your first job, getting married, having kids etc. So my life has been very happening and I look forward to making many more memorable by giving it back to the community.

Today, Crowe is one of the largest accounting firms in the middle east creating jobs in UAE. Saad is at the helm of the affairs, but still he fears almighty.

The higher the position, more the stress but my greatest fear is that of failing short of my clients expectation.  I pray that the Almighty always maintain the trust and faith that my team and our clients have in me.

Having believe in-self that there is nothing that one cannot do. I have always strived to give my best and provide excellent value in my offering. I am ethical and disciplined in my work.

When the things go tough for the biggest creators of jobs in Dubai accounting, he goes back to basics.

One of the best remedies for tough times is to be patient. A state of patients requires that we not resort to complaining, and remember God often. We know from the Quran that when we remember God in good times, God will help us in tough times.

Strong faith can keep you focused on the fact that God ultimately controls all destinies & has power over all things. Remembering that fact at the moment of affliction helps you in conquering the pain. It provides you with hope and the energy to keep moving forward.

Approachable Dubai CA

In-spite of being the best Dubai CAs he is modest, he is approachable.

Most of my time is spent working in my office located in The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) whereas I am very active on LinkedIn as well, which helps me engage with my audience and reach new audiences. My information is available on Crowe website.

Positive mental attitude & good work ethics along with the blessings of the almighty made me reach where I am today.

I wouldn’t be the same if not from the tremendous support I have received from my family and peers. My wife in particular provides big support and mentor me in getting over the line.

To Conclude

Hellen Keller said “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” We all are going through turbulent times. Each one of us is facing unprecedented challenges everyday due to the global pandemic. I would request all the readers to be optimistic and have faith in the Almighty.

We are in this all together. We live in a country where they are doing there best to keep us safe and secured. Seeing how hard everyone is in the fight against COVID-19 is truly inspiring!

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