Making your Health Secure with Blockchain Technology


    Keep Fit with Blockchain

    As we have seen, Blockchain represents a real paradigm shift. This affects many aspects of the relationship between those who sell something online and the platform that allows them to do so. The same goes for those who buy.

    The Internet has only been the initial spark of a change that must come to fruition, and this could happen precisely through Blockchain. The app based health checkup is becoming a new buzzword. On the hive blockchain the app which rewards the users for their daily activities is called as Actifit.

    This will offer more freedom, more flexibility, more transparency and security, but above all will give service providers free rein in the management of their activities and the ability to manage their fees without intermediaries and without constraints. In a nutshell, if today’s coaches are bound to a physical gym or a virtual space (the platform for the provision of their online services) to pay a fee or pay back part of the revenue, the public Blockchain could offer each of them a free space, almost free of charge and independently manageable.

    But there’s more. The new era we are entering will also be based on crypto currencies and “tokens”, created specifically to be exchanged within a given circuit or sector, while ensuring the remuneration of those who work in its field and the livelihood of the sector itself, while conveying its values and its philosophy. Furthermore, a crypto currency linked to the world of fitness could also represent a valid incentive to well-being and physical fitness, by redistributing its value within the circuit in function, not only of the mere volume of purchases or services provided, but also on the basis of the social value within each service.

    The power of data sharing
    This will be possible precisely because of the characteristics of the Blockchain, based on sharing, collaboration and trust, rather than only on the volume of business generated.

    Blockchain applied to sport, here’s what will change

    Like many dynamics triggered by the Internet and perfected over time through new technologies and paradigms, Blockchain, cryptocurrency and tokens could soon represent win-win contexts in which everything can really change for the better for everyone.
    Turning workout into a digital experience

    These processes, also favored by the increasingly widespread trend towards dematerialization and the ever-growing impact of the sharing economy, will generate new opportunities in the sports industry. Furthermore, it will make the business model less standard and more flexible, basing its revenues from multiple sources, areas and modes of payment. The great strength of competition, which feeds sport and keeps it alive, will find a new and powerful push in the new paradigm of coopetion, sharing and trust, a currency of exchange, which is increasingly appreciated.