Over 1 Million People will benefit by blockchain for football


    While reading the revised and augmented version of the ECA Club Management Guide from a Blockchain perspective, I was amazed of the many concrete applications that could be used and further discovered within football! They have provided six different ways of making the blockchain work for football. Its not only about tokenisation. Its much more than blockchain tokens.

    In the sports area, with smart contracts a player could be paid directly according to his performance, executed automatically any time conditions are met. Alternatively, for instance supporting football players with limited financial means, such as women’s players, through crowdfunding could substantially help the development of for instance women’s football and increase the performance of women’s clubs.

    Secondly, In the business field, granting safer transactions between clubs and supporters, would keep personal data guaranteed in line with GDPR regulations.

    Thirdly, From a community approach, allowing fans to easily exchange tickets ahead of games or allow season ticket holders to rent out their seat for separate matches in a safe manner would eliminate the black market and could increase attendances.

    Fourth, On operational level, sensitive medical data of players could be exchanged in simple, fast and secure ways between clubs and FA before the release of players which would solve a recurrent issue.

    Fifth,  Within the football governance, we could implement a tracking system for players (Player’s ID) for reliable monitoring, to store data such as payments, performance, or past injuries. Thinking ahead, this could be efficiently used in Youth football with a system of kudos that could be implemented where clubs that develop players receive direct rewards, solving to a certain extent the issue of FIFA solidarity payments. Indeed, like the Diamond Blockchain Initiative used by the mining industry, monitoring would also efficiently hit hard on slavery behaviours.

    Finally, On strategy and change management, just like the UN Blockchain Ethereum Syria Initiative, by allowing direct payments of players we could prevent human errors or eliminate the middlemen and therefore avoid double-spending as traditionally, third parties inflate transaction costs. We could also let track allowing transparency of financial movements to actively limit payments under the table.