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What is behavior gap of investing (Honeybee & the Fly)

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Vijaay Chaudhary
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The honeybee flies from flower to flower, extracting only the nectar, without disturbing the flower. The mindset of a honeybee is to seek the essence of each flower, even in a place filled with garbage. Rather than giving its attention to all the filth, the bee keeps its focus on finding nectar. The honeybee teaches us the art of focusing on the positives & ignoring the negatives. The fly represents the opposite mindset. It will travel over hundreds of flowers but it focuses only on garbage & filth. This represents the mindset of those  ignoring the positives & focusing only on the negatives. The lesson is to focus on positives & deal with negatives in a gracious manner to bring out the best in life.

What we learn from this  : Markets are touching an all time high almost on a daily basis & many investors have booked profits at various levels. They are now waiting for a steep correction to invest again but are getting anxious with every rise due to the fear of missing out (FOMO). Such investors try to time the market & want to capture only the upside (positives). Another set of investors are not happy (negative) as their returns are lower vs other funds or other asset classes & want to change to those avenues. The picture indicates investment returns are always higher than investor returns as we are not consistent with our investment behavior. Wealth creation needs us to stay focused on positives of the market like better inflation adjusted returns in the long run (vs other asset classes) & patiently tolerate negatives like volatility. This way we could stay invested across market ups & downs. To sum up, ‘The only difference between where you are & where you want to be is the steps you haven’t taken yet.’

Only good financial advisor can fill gap between Investment return and Investor return

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