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Revolutionizing Compliance Skill Development through Specialized AML Courses

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Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar
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In a remarkable stride towards strengthening India’s anti-money laundering (AML), Riskpro, under the leadership of Mayur Joshi, has been spearheading a pioneering initiative called Indiaforensic. This cutting-edge training brand has been exclusively designed to provide India-specific courses and certifications in AML and financial crimes, setting the stage for a new chapter in India’s fight against financial crimes.

[Interviewer]: Can you tell us about the genesis of Indiaforensic and how it’s addressing the need for skilled professionals in combating financial crimes?
[Mayur Joshi]: Indiaforensic is a pioneering initiative by Riskpro, specifically designed to cater to India’s unique requirements in the field of AML and financial crimes. Our aim is to empower professionals and graduates with specialized knowledge and skills to effectively combat the ever-evolving challenges of financial crimes. With Indiaforensic, we’re filling the gap in the market for India-centric certifications that strengthen the country’s defense against money laundering. We are writing the India story in compliance domain.

Mayur Joshi is one of the Top 20 AML Influencers in the world

[Interviewer]: Riskpro Learning seems to be at the forefront of this initiative. Could you tell us more about the courses it offers and the impact it has had on professionals in the industry?
[Mayur Joshi]: Riskpro Learning is the driving force behind Indiaforensic, offering a diverse range of compliance certifications in critical areas like cryptocurrencies, shell company investigations, trade-based money laundering, and international sanctions.
Our flagship course, the Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert (CAME) program, equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively detect, prevent, and mitigate money laundering risks.

Certified Crypto Currency Laundering Expert program talks about the threats in the crypto space, whereas the Certified KYC Expert course address the needs of the co-operative banks in India.

Additionally, the Certified Bank Forensic Accounting (CBFA) in Financial Crimes course develops specialized skills in analyzing financial transactions for potential fraud.
All these courses have seen enthusiastic participation from over 5000 professionals, cooperative banks, payment banks, NBFCs, and aspiring students, reflecting the industry-wide recognition of their value in fortifying the financial ecosystem.

[Interviewer]: Could you shed some light on the collaboration with NSE Academy and the Certified Stock Market Forensic Accountant course?
[Mayur Joshi]: Our collaboration with NSE Academy is aimed at bridging the gap between financial markets and forensic expertise, creating a safer investment environment in India. The Certified Stock Market Forensic Accountant course is a prestigious offering that equips professionals with the knowledge and skills required to tackle financial crimes within the stock market domain. It’s a testament to our commitment to excellence and our vision of empowering professionals across various sectors.

[Interviewer]: Riskpro has also ventured into publishing reference books on financial crime-related topics. Can you tell us more about that?
[Mayur Joshi]: We understand the importance of knowledge dissemination in the fight against financial crimes. Riskpro Publications has published over 25 reference books on financial crime-related topics, making them available on Amazon worldwide. We are taking the India experience in compliance globally because of these publications.

[Interviewer]: Let’s talk about the scholarship fund of Rs. 35 million that Riskpro has established. What drove this initiative, and how does it benefit young talents in the domain of financial crimes?
[Mayur Joshi]: Our scholarship fund was established with the vision of attracting bright minds to the domain of financial crimes and empowering them with the right knowledge. The Certified Financial Crimes Risk Analyst (CFCRA) course is the key focus here, and we’re delighted to support graduate students pursuing this course.

By investing in young talents, we aim to create a pool of skilled professionals who can effectively combat financial fraud in India, contributing to a safer financial ecosystem.

[Interviewer]: What drives your passion for AML and forensic training, and what is your vision for the future?
[Mayur Joshi]: My passion for AML training stems from a deep sense of responsibility towards creating a safer and more secure financial landscape in India. I firmly believe that specialized knowledge and expertise are key to combating financial crimes effectively.

My vision for the future is to continue expanding Riskpro’s Indiaforensic initiative, reaching out to more professionals, graduates, and aspiring talents, and building a strong ecosystem of skilled experts who will shape the future of AML KYC compliance in India.

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