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Age vs. Youth. Story of an old man “Race against time”

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It’s a Story of an old man “Race against time”
After riding 3,600 kilometers from Srinagar to Kanyakumari in 13 days, 67-year-old Mohinder Singh Bharaj returned. “It’s a race against time,” he says. Mr. Bharaj began his journey in Srinagar and faced tremendous challenges like sleep deprivation, hot temperatures from Jhansi to Bengaluru, and saddle sores (the result of riding up to 18 hours a day), covering an average of 275 kilometers per day. Diet was also crucial, as he needed to consume 10,000 calories every day to keep riding. “I prefer to hang out with younger people,” he explains, “and all of my pals are between the ages of 18 and 45.” Cycling for around 2 hours every other day, a 6-hour long ride on Saturdays, and lifting weights at a gym on the other days were all part of the preparation. His favorite sport since elementary school has been cycling, and he intends to keep doing so, although there is still a lot to learn.

What we learn: The commitment to the objective distinguishes wealth builders from the rest. There’s a distinction between being ‘interested in making money and being ‘dedicated’ to making money. The former strives toward it as quickly as possible, whilst the latter does whatever it takes to get there. Remember that the market presents equal chances to all, but only a select few make use of them. Wealth creation, like the “race against time,” needs commitment, patience, tenacity, regularity, and, most significantly, endurance in the face of adversity. ‘The excellent thing a little lamp can accomplish that the giant Sun cannot is to give light at night,’ says a wise man. It demonstrates that no one is superior in terms of size, but rather in terms of purpose. If you can’t do big things, do small things well.’

So it is important to stay with your financial plan which is drafted by your Financial Planner and Enjoy the Journey of Wealth Creation. do not look for others Portfolio Happy Investing.

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