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Ashok Rao is an Anti Money Laundering Specialist. He is an authority on the subject of financial crimes and money laundering. He is a qualified Certified Anti Money Laundering Professional from Regtechtimes Academy.

Alternate Career options for the commerce Students

Every year more than 1.5 million students graduate in commerce and finance in India. Out of these 4 million 2.73 lacs students are from...
best aml certification

Exploring the Universe of AML Certifications

Money Laundering is about taking the proceeds of illegal or unlawful activity and attempting to disguise sources and ownership of the dirty money obtained...
adverse media

Adverse Media Screening is gaining importance in AML

In past decade readers have witnessed a surge in the news related to crimes, violence and frauds. Though gaining attention of the readers is...
J score

J Score to identify the creative accounting

Created by CA Mayur Joshi, the J-Score is a mathematical model that uses various financial ratios to identify whether a company has indulged into...

What is trending on News Interpretation ?

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