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Sports Editor is the official account of Newsinterpretation's sports content curator. All the news, views and interviews are curated by the Sports Editor of Newsinterpretation only.

Kho Kho Champion who got her district on the sports map of India

Kho Kho has been an inspiring game for Indians. It might enter into the ultimate leagues soon with more than 8 countries representing the...
sports betting

Tricks and tips for winning the betting games

It takes longer to learn the tricks to beat the sportsbooks. Of course, some gamblers pick up winning strategies faster than others, but there...

What are fantasy sports and why do they matter ?

What is Fantasy Sports ? A fantasy sport is a type of game, often played using the Internet. Additionally, participants assemble imaginary or virtual teams...
most popular sports

Which are the most popular sports in the world ?

When you start playing on field, one of the most common questions that you face as an sports lover is which is the most...
Mayur Joshi sportstech

Indian Sportstech Investor elaborates future of sportstech

Nazara Technologies is all set to list its shares on the stock markets. Nazara is the first gaming company coming out with an IPO....
sports trivia

#SportsTrivia 14th March – Which Indian Players were borne today ?

Today is 14th March 2021. Its a birthday of some of the well known athletes. This post covers majority of the birthdays of the...
sports trivia

Sports Trivia – Which Indian Players were borne today ?

India is home to diverse population playing many different sports across the country. Many great sports personalities have born here and taken the sports to great...
kho kho hero

Forgotten Kho Kho Hero goes candid about the game

Dr. Siddharth Patwardhan is the Kho Kho hero of nineties. He is the star who won many battles for his state Maharashtra with just...

Athletes win the table tennis tournaments

Table Tennis is becoming a game of Skill and Strength. Primarily, the game looks as if two players are revolving around the table and...

Why China dominates the world of Table Tennis ?

What is common in Lui Guoliang, Kong Linghui, and Zhang Jike; Ma Long ? They are all from China. In the world of Pingpong...

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