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Space Technology

Space Collaboration: Advancing Tech Through Partnerships

In the rapid development of space technology, collaboration unites diverse minds and talents toward common goals. From global space missions to joint missions like the International Space Station. Together, scientists from various backgrounds and nations work hand in hand, gathering their knowledge and resources to overcome challenges and forge...

ISS Life Support: Surviving in Space

Astronauts live in space for long durations. What measures are taken for them to live a normal life onboard the ISS? And be safe as well? Astronauts execute life support systems to maintain a normal life in space. What are the types of life support systems? Closed-loop life support systems are...

Galactic Leap of Earth: Harnessing the Power of Spacetech

Introduction Spacetech is now a commonly heard word, isn't it? But what exactly is Spacetech which has been advancing a lot these days? Spacetech short for Space technology, has a wide range of scientific projects, and engineering focused on space exploration, examining habitable conditions and understanding space in a better...

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