Taiwan Bolsters Security Measures :Chinese National Illegally Enters by Boat

Taiwan has beefed up his security measures as a Chinese man has illegally entered into their territory by boat. The Taiwanese premier announced this on Tuesday. The Chinese man was arrested for illegally entering the self-ruled island. The Taiwanese coast guard had arrested him on Sunday. In the aftermath of his boat colliding with other boats on the Tamsui river. The river flows from the capital city of Taipei to the island’s north coast. 

Chinese National’s Defection Attempt to Taiwan Under Investigation

According to the Central News Agency, the Chinese suspect, aged 60, confessed to the coast guard that he wanted to defect.  

The coast guards reported that the case is still under investigation. They have not released any details about the case and the individual yet. 

Premier Cho Jung-Tai gave a statement on Tuesday. He mentioned that the Taiwanese government along with its national security units are playing close head to the case. The investigations on this incident have already been launched.  Authorities did not mention whether the man had made his way from across the strait. 

The shore Guard reported that it initially started keeping an eye on the boat at approximately nine in the morning (0100 GMT) on Sunday. Then it was seen six nautical miles (11 kilometers) off the shore of Tamsui, a Taipei suburb.

The coast guard stated in a statement on Monday that the man was detained “for further investigation into his method, channel, and purpose of coming to Taiwan.”The authorities have urged the public to report any “illegal activities” that they see occurring on land or at sea. On Monday, which is a holiday in both China and Taiwan, calls for comment were not returned by China’s Taiwan Affairs Office.

Earlier a Chinese person who was able to traverse the Taiwan Strait in a rubber dinghy was apprehended in the city center of Taichung in 2021. According to authorities, he claimed to have gone to Taiwan in search of “freedom and democracy”. In 2022, he was deported to China, as per local sources. 

China-Taiwan conflict 

The conflict stems from historical and political disputes over sovereignty and governance. Taiwan sees itself as a separate entity, while China insists it’s part of its territory. Tensions escalate due to military posturing and diplomatic maneuvering. The United States supports Taiwan, enhancing the standoff. Any move towards independence by Taiwan triggers strong responses from China.

Taiwan is a self-ruled democratic island. Although China claims it to be a part of their own territory. In recent years China has ramped up its political pressure and military on the island. The Taiwan strait is a channel separating China from Taiwan. It is a 180 kilometers long channel, which is the world ‘s most heavily guarded waterway. Taiwan is usually spied upon by China. Recently in the month of April, a father and son duo was imprisoned  for eight years. They were accused of collecting secret military information while trying to establish a spying organisation for Beijing. 

Two Taiwanese fishermen ventured into Chinese waters in March, close to the Kinmen islands, which are under Taiwanese control and border China. One, a military officer from Taiwan, is still being held captive in China, while the other was freed shortly after.


In conclusion, the incident underscores the ongoing tensions between China and Taiwan, prompting Taiwan to reinforce its security protocols. Such actions highlight the delicate nature of cross-strait relations and the persistent challenges in maintaining stability in the region. As both sides navigate complex political, economic, and security dynamics, efforts towards peaceful resolution remain essential to prevent further escalation and promote regional stability.

International concerns grow over potential military confrontation. Efforts for peaceful resolution often face hurdles due to complex geopolitical dynamics. The conflict remains a persistent flashpoint in East Asia’s security landscape.

Rajlaxmi Deshmukh
Rajlaxmi Deshmukh
Rajlaxmi Deshmukh is a Political Science Expert with Keen Interest in Geopolitics. She was working with a Think Tank Based in Pune before she joined News Interpretation in the capacity of Geo Political Editor.
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